Command and Control

  • The Command and Control system operates from an integrated command center, generating real time situation awareness and smart prioritization
  • Travel routes are dispatched by the Command and Control system, preventing fixed patterns and routine operations
  • The teams and their locations are constantly monitored, enabling prioritization and efficient management of the operational workforce.
  • The 2-way communication system enables simultaneous transmission and receipt of information to and from the field. This includes panic button alerts, video feeds, alarm system and access control data.
  • The 2-way communication system is fully integrated into the mobile system of the patrol teams and the command center.
  • Navigation the event location is enabled via an integrated mapping system
  • Alerts can be generated in a variety of ways. The primary alert is a panic button application which enables user identification, event location and status at any given moment, while maintaining an open channel at all times.
  • The system was developed for mobility, it is also fully protected against hackers, malware and viruses.