Our teams are highly trained, agile, and equipped with the most advanced communication and information technology. Their high-speed mobility and sophisticated expertise combine for unprecedented efficiency and cost-effectiveness that offers optimal protection for people and businesses all around Israel. By thinking outside the box, Electra Security is setting new standards for smart, creative security.


Electra Security is blazing new trails in an industry that too often relies on outdated models. Staffed by combat veterans, our teams are flexible, well-trained, and equipped with advanced technologies, to offer the public highly efficient, effective security. Traditional security guards are restricted to small areas, causing large crowds to build up at the entrances to public spaces. Our small groups, however, patrol larger areas on motorcycles. This allows them to stay alert and quickly arrive where they are actually needed. With advanced training for a wide range of scenarios, Electra Security teams' speed and readiness save money, time, and even lives.  
The Electra Security experts who have developed this new approach also design customized security plans for individual businesses. Using a common sense approach, they help create stronger security and increased convenience while simultaneously lowering costs.  
We continue to innovate, providing stronger, more efficient security to meet the needs of the future. Electra Security is on the cutting-edge of alarm technology, digital communications, and information sharing. We are currently tackling cyber defense while expanding on-site security activities.